Genesis Planet Found & Confirmed by Hubble! Declares NASA

SEriously? This is pretty funny so I wanted to share it.

NASA & The Hubble are telling us they’ve found the oldest planet of all time. But. There is no photograph, only an artistic rendering. Maybe the Hubble makes artistic renderings? Who knows. This story is kind of funny. enjoy!

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The wisdom of non-cooperation.

If we want to reclaim our spiritual sovereignty we must choose to not cooperate with systems that harm us! Thanks David Icke for this powerful message.

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Spiritual Sovereignty & THRIVALISM!

Thrivalism Now!Spiritual Sovereignty. The quest for freedom and sovereignty, thru the higher self.

We are at an amazing juncture in this life, our planet and everything on it, is shifting, and evolving.

People are feeling it individually, and collectively, and so is our earth.

There is a definitive wave, crashing the world’s elite corporate governing system’s, and their archonic ruling of earths people. Awakened souls and awakening bodies feel a huge need to break from this system, that has caused and created division, suffering and survival.

How can we change this, what does it mean to live sovereign and thrive?

This is the new paradigm in sovereignty, freedom from the matrix. Can we achieve this, without a true recognition, or knowing, of our true divine selves?

I think not. I hope together we can get it done this time!

Briefly, my journey began at about 17 years old, on a beach in southern California. I was reading the Handbook to Higher Consciousness by Ken Keyes with a bottle of red wine!  I have taken some hard knocks, especially due to my distaste of authority!

Today at age 56, I have been living both on and off grid in the Southern Pacific region of Costa Rica for the last 17 years. Many blessings and HUGE lessons have occurred in and thru my life here.

A spiritual sovereignty and freedom to thrive has become a mission I have been guided to share with all beings, in hopes we can make a defining, complete shift this time around. This might not happen in a quickly or even in a few year’s time, however we do have a divine power within us to see it through…and many of you know this NOW!

At THRIVALISM NOW! and PLANTING POSITIVITY we are looking at true preparedness; we will need it.

Yes some healthy fear is needed on this path. Of course, not the gut-wrenching fear of lack or inferiority, (inner) or the matrix based fear (terrorism, etc.).

I am talking, “the don’t wear flip-flops in the jungly backyard”, for sure from 6 am to 6 pm “watch out for snakes” kind of fear.

We have been mesmerized, dumbed-down, and made sick. Our food, water, clothing and shelter, even the air we breathe has been poisoned by the corporate parasites ruling us. Are they even human? This is a real question because of their disregard for the divine human; which is everyone of us, whether we have claimed our divinity or not, and whether we are aware or not that we are beings of love, compassion, and equality.  Sooner or later, it is inevitable that each one of us realizes the truth.

My purpose for these articles, radio shows and videos are to look at and touch on, what can we do to achieve a thriving, connected to divine spirit lifestyle NOW.

I hope you will join us at on this magic carpet ride and of course we invite all opinions and perspectives as we grow towards Spiritual Sovereignty and Thrivalism Now!


Love, Margurite B.

Marguerite B.


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