Karl Lentz describes common Law (the law of the land)

Anyone who thinks common Law is not real has no clue what is going on. It is alive and well in the UCc 1-103.6, the governing law of the world. Law is law and codes are codes. But the code cays the law is alive, so go figure. Help Karl! We need clarification! What is common Law? Why does it matter?

It matters because ignorantia legis non excusat! Ignorance of the law is no excuse. It’s here to help you: a man or woman!

Don’t get mad, get it together, your thoughts, your understanding, or overstanding… Use the tools that are here to empower yourself (common law – common sense). Stop trying to learn so much of the systems laws and prove your superior knowledge to the courts. Common Law is simple. Common Law is law, gods law, mans law… but NOT the defacto governments alleged law.

Get real. Thanks Karl!

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Portugal rocks! They ran the whole country for 4 days on only solar!

Ok world. Lets get our act together! Time to give a hug to Portugal!


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Damn, this old conspiracy movie is really informative!

Best conspiracy movie!!!

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Even Dark Knowledge is Power!


OK it’s not like the awakened ones didn’t know this. We did. But now maybe it will become acceptable to question the integrity of the CDC and these toxic vaccines. Personally, I have witnessed extreme harm caused by vaccines, which I am convinced have caused my best friends child’s autism. He used to say mommy and daddy and after the vaccine he deteriorated into extreme autism and handicapped.

It is truly unfair of the CDC to withhold this information and should be considered criminal. Wake up people, vaccines are a concoction of cow and baby fetus dna. Come out of Babylon. Why would you use your body or your child’s body as a testing ground for relatively new technology?

I would not advocate playing Russian roulette, and that is exactly what people are doing. Everyone admits “some” injuries happen, but they always think it will happen to someone else! There is no difference between playing Russian roulette, someone is gonna die.

But not me or my loved ones if I can help it!

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Shit Conspiracy Theorists Say

What? Everyone doesn’t know all these facts? This video is pretty great. Kudos to whoever made this vid! Good laugh.

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Tomatoes talk, birch trees learn – do plants have dignity? | Florianne Koechlin | TEDxZurich

Wow! This is one of the coolest speeches ever! It really expanded my consciousness.

Plants are not passive, senseless objects. They use the language of fragrances to communicate above and below ground and engage in lively relationships with their environment and peers. Not only do they support relatives, harass strangers, make alliances, they also learn from experience and remember past events. Underground they form extensive root and fungal networks to exchange nutrients and information – an internet of plant communities of unimaginable size. What are the consequences of re-imaging the rights of plants? Do they deserve more respect? A recent amendment to the Swiss Constitution asserts that plants have “dignity”. Is dignity for plants an absurd concept? Florianne Koechlin thinks not.

Florianne Koechlin holds a degree in Chemistry (Middlebury College USA) and a degree in Biology and Chemistry education (University of Basel). She is the founder and current Managing Director of the Blueridge Institute, in Muenchenstein, Switzerland. She is a co-founder of the Swiss Working Group on Genetic Engineering (SAG), the Basel Appeals against Genetic Engineering and GENET; serves on the Board of Directors for the Foundation for Future Farming and Swissaid; and is an Advisory Board member for the Swisscanto-Greeninvest.

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Worlds oldest outdoor classroom for medicinal plants



History of the Garden

The Chelsea Physic Garden was founded in 1673, as the Apothecaries’ Garden, with the purpose of training apprentices in identifying plants. The location was chosen as the proximity to the river created a warmer microclimate allowing the survival of many non-native plants – such as the largest outdoor fruiting olive tree in Britain – and more importantly, to allow plants to survive harsh British winters. The river was also important as a transport route that linked the garden to other open spaces such as Putney Heath, facilitating easy movements of both plants and botanists. In fact the garden has always sought to achieve good communications with others working in the same field: by the 1700’s it had initiated an international botanic garden seed exchange system, which continues to this day.

Some years later, Dr. Hans Sloane, after whom the nearby locations of Sloane Square and Sloane Street were named, purchased the Manor of Chelsea from Charles Cheyne. This purchase of about 4 acres was leased to the Society of Apothecaries for £5 a year in perpetuity.

Environments for supporting different types of plants were built, including the pond rock garden, constructed from a variety of rock types, namely stones from the Tower of London, Icelandic lava (brought to the garden by Sir Joseph Banks in 1772 on a ship named St. Lawrence), fused bricks and flint. This curious structure has been listed Grade II* and is the oldest rock garden in England on view to the public. It was completed on 16th August 1773.

In 1848 Robert Fortune used Wardian cases, which are rather like miniature greenhouses, to transport seedlings of Camellia sinensis (tea) from China leading to the establishment of the tea industry in India.

In 1876 the Garden enlarged its educational aspirations by deciding to run a lecture course for young women who were training as botany teachers. At the end of the 19th century the trustees of the City Parochial Foundation agreed to take over the running of the Garden from the Society of Apothecaries. In 1983 The Garden became a registered charity and open to the general public for the first time.

The Chelsea Physic Garden has developed a major role in public education focusing on the renewed interest in natural medicine. The Garden of World Medicine which is Britain’s first garden of ethnobotany (or the study of the botany of different ethnic groups and indigenous peoples) is laid out together with a new Pharmaceutical Garden.

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Everything’s a conspiracy… even music?

Well, it turns out we have all been playing our music in the frequency of war (440hz) ever since the 40’s or 50’s…. We are now retuning back to the 432hz healthy vibrations. Isn’t that wonderful!

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Plants make music all on their own!

Ok this is just wonderful and should be shared so people realize the infinite wisdom in the all. Plants here are hooked up to sensors which go to a midi computer interface where we can hear the music that the plants are creating. Apparently plants are shy and don’t want to sing in front of just any ol’ body! Who knew?

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Eco Elitists


I was talking today about how there is a frenzy (media created) over climate change.

It is earth people! The climate fluctuates over time in what is known as the law of rhythm. Up. down, up, down, the weather is steady in that it cycles. That is climate change, defined as: changes in climate due to natural cycles of weather.

Think about it folks, climate change is a lot different than “global warming” which is described as man made changes in climate.

Now all I am saying is that the news has been known to, eh hem, “spin” stories… OK create totally fabricated stories that are not even close to the actual events (in my opinion).

So when I see people all worked up and actually changing their lives over the fear of man made carbon causing global warming I feel pity. I call em eco elitists. They will save the world. They are better than you. And if you are American, apparently the whole world thinks you are the biggest polluters in the world. Because that’s what their media says…

Fracking eco elitists! It’s like the only way to care about humans or earth is to agree the carbon scam is real. If you think theres nothing to fear and we should just love, then you are labelled naive and part of the alleged problem.

The problem with eco elitism is they are more morally correct than anyone who disagrees with carbon hysteria.

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