Throwing Pearls… in this Strange Universe – The Sean David Morton Saga

Well, we spent the last good couple months TRYING to help Revolution Radio host of “Strange Universe” Sean David Morton with his battle against the DOJ where he is facing 650 years for making bonds and IRS 1099 oid’s.  In the end he did what most people do and folded like a house of cards!   His instructions for trial:   Do NOT allow the court to proceed.  Period.  Us: One instruction and its KEY Sean… Do you understand?  Sean: “yes”…   Us: Challenge jurisdiction and when they ignore you like they will, state on and for the record “this court is not allowed to proceed until jurisdiction is on the record”.  Further instructions:  Don’t testify and OBJECT to all witnesses for hearsay if they move forward but insist you OBJECT TO THE WHOLE PROCEEDING.

Next thing we know we get a call all excited, like Sean’s a legal hot shot.  He had the longest story of all the questioning he did of the witnesses!  Oh how proud he is for going face to face with the witnesses in such “clever” wordplays.  We were so bummed, his training was the proverbial pearls ignored and waste of our energy.

Problem is:  There was no benefit to getting stuff on THEIR record in THEIR trial.  He had a CLAIM against the US Attorneys he could have used at any time during trial to make his own trial outside of their record.  It would then be HIS record in open court as the ONLY evidence.  It was truly genius if he would have done it like we taught him was his rights to do so.  He had a jury there and he COULD have taken our opinion which was to say, “Do you have a claim against me?”, “Do you?” and on and on until everyone in the courtroom answered “NO”.  At that point he was SUPPOSED to say, “Well the US isn’t here, only the attorneys are and THEY can’t be witnesses, so the US did not appear to state a claim, This case must be dismissed for failure to state a claim upon which relief can be granted”.  Sean could have then turned to the US Attorneys, hand them his claim and demand its looked into in HIS trial on that very day.  If they said they needed 21 days say “ok, but the court is not moving until someone shows up named US to state a claim against me”.  The goal was to get the US to agree Sean’s claim is so lame and short they will entertain it.  The jury would have decided and the trial would have been derailed as fraudulent.

We know people get overwhelmed but Sean would not retain information.  He kept yelling at us to get him paperwork.  The more we would explain that papers wont save you unless you understand and can explain them and demand them to be addressed!  No, he wanted “magic” papers written and was Mr. Negativity, “Well, NOTHING you do WORKS!”  We kept reminding him, you never did anything we gave you our opinion to do!  We even sent him over to Karl Lentz to help Sean and Karl visited Sean in California but Sean and Karl are like oil and water.  Karl thinks Sean “angry” and he IS…  Sean insisted Karl “Dense” had nothing to offer and would not take the concepts of common law seriously.  These aren’t our concepts or Karl’s, or Bill Thornton who taught us and Karl Lentz common law… its law!  No-one owns it or has a patent, its unwritten and its AWESOME!  Its real and its the most POWERFUL REMEDY SO LEARN IT!

My point of sharing this story is that winning is court takes the following:

  1. Concept from start to finish why you are right or why they have no jurisdiction
  2. Faith in the process (choice of law) you choose
  3. You can NOT change jurisdictions (choice of tactics or law)  in the middle of your course
  4. If you choose highest law for remedy you are barred from going to inferior law
  5. If you choose inferior law for remedy you cant choose highest law for remedy after first choosing lower law
  6. If you don’t want to argue something don’t bring it up (wise words of Abraham Lincoln, common law barrister)
  7. Time.  You will likely lose your ass in trial court (Kangaroo Court).  You will need to go to Appellate court for remedy
  8. Appellate can be used as a statutory bitching ground for lower bullshit law in the closed loop system, however, it is also a common law court of record, so use the common law.
  9. You know your god by who’s laws you study.  Your remedies against tyranny are NOT their statutes, codes, Acts and not even their Constitution.
  10. The remedy is in common law PROTECTED by the Constitution
  11. Remember folks, Public law is for government to man or government to government… Private law is man to man and fences in the government
  12. Public law includes Equity, Statutes, codes, Acts, UCc, the Constitution and more….
  13. Private law is common law, International private law, and private contracts…
  14. DO NOT POKE THE DRAGON – we just read last night that Sean is still out there giving speeches (in Feb 2017) on making bonds and the straw man and all that negative conspiracy stuff.  The US Attorneys have 650 years over his head, we think it would be wise to chill out, lay low, study, study, study and NOT give conspiracy talks about making bonds when your in a trial about making bonds… Call us crazy!
  15. Sean also decided to throw in statutory nonsensical papers the US defaulted on, and now he has his remedy in their court and needs to prove what it means to somebody and why that gets him out of trouble.

So do NOT ignore people when they throw you pearls like this…  Take the time to understand your CONCEPTS.  Get ONE story, make sure it’s rooted OUTSIDE OF THEIR STATUTES, OATHS, BULLSHIT IN THEIR SOCIETY…. get your CONCEPT solid in your mind and go challenge jurisdiction like a bad ass.

We pray for all the people who know they are right but cannot articulate it because they are SLAVES to believing the hype and they use the beasts laws to fight that same beast.  It won’t work.

You cannot MIX common law and even one statute or public rule.. If you toss in a dash of public to your private remedy, be it known, you throw out your remedy!

Will keep our fingers crossed.  We do believe Sean didn’t intend to harm anyone so we hope things will get better for him and his wife.

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