How to Meditate – Meditation for Beginners – Day 1

Here is a simple video on meditation for beginners. For some people it is difficult to understand how to meditate or where to even begin!

Meditation is a practice that many cultures do and has the ability to relieve stress, relax the muscles and mind! Check out his video for day 1 and look for the next upcoming video for day 2!

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Excellent! Super inspirational video on making an impact in life and doing the best that you can at loving life!

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Clarity, Laws, Law of Attraction

We all have a daily routine. Within our daily routine we are bound by the universal laws as well as others made by man. The laws made by man really aren’t laws at all if you look closely. The laws made by man are merely guidelines. A real law made by the universe or “god” is always in existence. It is subconscious to almost all of us. Here we go, on with our days and wonder what could be better, Wishing for more money, or more food, or more abundance of what ever we are lacking in. See…. thats the secret. To focus on the polarity ! If you keep focusing on the lack of something, then you will get more lack of something!!!

Within the laws of the universe there are also laws that are man made. These man made laws are really not laws but more like guidelines. These guidelines can be used to our benefit or not. It is up to us to choose the right path. Its very simple. That is biting the fruit of good and evil. We all know what is right and what is wrong in our world. Lets choose the correct path and think before we act.

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Let’s all Unite & Quantum Create Together – Touch The Water August 20 2016

We at Planting Positivity think this is wonderful!  We are all operating in one morphic field of energy and this world event is a sure way to create a powerful connection to the quantum information that water holds.  We are water based creatures and this is a way we can connect and expand, create and show intent to the life force giving water we all rely on.  In turn the energy can touch us all as we touch the water!  Very cool!



What if, for one day, humanity concentrated on the things and people we love and are grateful for?
What if for one day the world forgot the superficial ideas that divide us and remembered the truths that bind us?
What if for one day we forgot about what we are against and concentrated on what we want, what we are for?

We propose a day, August 20, 2016, for the world to gather together as one at the water’s edge and concentrate on the things and people we love. A day without political debate, or religious arguments, or any other divisive motivation. A day devoted to the love and gratitude we all feel and the water we all need.

Participation is relatively simple. All you need do is take some time that day and go physically touch some water close to you while thinking about love and gratitude in whatever way works for you. Last year an estimated 20,000-30,000 people participated world wide. Some held group meditations and prayer sessions, while others had family get to gethers or just took a swim. Heck, you can sit at a desk with your feet in a bucket if that works for you. How you participate isn’t as important as it is that you have fun.

Why do we do this? Despite our motivation for thinking so, the vast majority of us will agree that this world is not what we dream it to be. There is only one way for it to become that dream and that is for us to make it so. First we need to realize we can, that we control our own destiny, and together we can make whatever world we dream up. Joining the mass of humanity in one simple gesture will symbolically join us as one and stimulate the kinds of interactions and understanding we need to shake off the old paradigms of negativity in order to begin building societies based on love and coperation. We don’t need a forced centralization to bring about global unity but a joining of hearts and minds in free choice and love.

We use water for this because of its ubiquitous nature to life. Of course, we, and plants and animals, all need clean water to drink, but it goes deeper than that. All religious traditions use water in their most sacred ceremonies. Not to mention the seemingly magical qualities of water we are just learning through the mysteries of quantum physics. Lets not forget the fact that we are made mostly of water. Simply put, water is life. Besides, who doesn’t love a day at the beach, or lake, or river, or pond….?

August 20, 2016. Touch the Water


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Our Leak Project First Interview!: Sovereignty,Strawman,Treaties,Trusts & Illusions,Planting Positivity


-Planting Positivity is a new sovereign social network start up created by a team of humanitarians in Costa Rica for the benefit of the people. The bloggers are Margurite who used her last 30 years of life experience as a human doing extensive study to remember us as souls and what we are doing here. Marguerites platform is Thrivalism, a new paradigm in survivalism, by realizing or remembering our true spiritual sovereignty. This finally allows us to become truly free of the archonic system; first within our own conditioning to undo all forms of fear and feeling weak, uncertain, and disempowered, which leads us to also become free from all worldly forms that seem to threaten us. Living from our inner sovereignty naturally leads us to Thrivalism, we live and give from our own wholeness, integrity, and as a contribution to all beings and our earth.

Become a Leak Project Member @ for the latest podcasts and exclusive content. Also subscribe to… for a plethora of data always free & cutting edge. Also is moving to a much faster server and a brand new store front will be updated in the next few days, featuring Deals and Discounts only available to Leak Project listeners. Be the change you want to see!

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The wisdom of non-cooperation.

If we want to reclaim our spiritual sovereignty we must choose to not cooperate with systems that harm us! Thanks David Icke for this powerful message.

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Spiritual Sovereignty & THRIVALISM!

Thrivalism Now!Spiritual Sovereignty. The quest for freedom and sovereignty, thru the higher self.

We are at an amazing juncture in this life, our planet and everything on it, is shifting, and evolving.

People are feeling it individually, and collectively, and so is our earth.

There is a definitive wave, crashing the world’s elite corporate governing system’s, and their archonic ruling of earths people. Awakened souls and awakening bodies feel a huge need to break from this system, that has caused and created division, suffering and survival.

How can we change this, what does it mean to live sovereign and thrive?

This is the new paradigm in sovereignty, freedom from the matrix. Can we achieve this, without a true recognition, or knowing, of our true divine selves?

I think not. I hope together we can get it done this time!

Briefly, my journey began at about 17 years old, on a beach in southern California. I was reading the Handbook to Higher Consciousness by Ken Keyes with a bottle of red wine!  I have taken some hard knocks, especially due to my distaste of authority!

Today at age 56, I have been living both on and off grid in the Southern Pacific region of Costa Rica for the last 17 years. Many blessings and HUGE lessons have occurred in and thru my life here.

A spiritual sovereignty and freedom to thrive has become a mission I have been guided to share with all beings, in hopes we can make a defining, complete shift this time around. This might not happen in a quickly or even in a few year’s time, however we do have a divine power within us to see it through…and many of you know this NOW!

At THRIVALISM NOW! and PLANTING POSITIVITY we are looking at true preparedness; we will need it.

Yes some healthy fear is needed on this path. Of course, not the gut-wrenching fear of lack or inferiority, (inner) or the matrix based fear (terrorism, etc.).

I am talking, “the don’t wear flip-flops in the jungly backyard”, for sure from 6 am to 6 pm “watch out for snakes” kind of fear.

We have been mesmerized, dumbed-down, and made sick. Our food, water, clothing and shelter, even the air we breathe has been poisoned by the corporate parasites ruling us. Are they even human? This is a real question because of their disregard for the divine human; which is everyone of us, whether we have claimed our divinity or not, and whether we are aware or not that we are beings of love, compassion, and equality.  Sooner or later, it is inevitable that each one of us realizes the truth.

My purpose for these articles, radio shows and videos are to look at and touch on, what can we do to achieve a thriving, connected to divine spirit lifestyle NOW.

I hope you will join us at on this magic carpet ride and of course we invite all opinions and perspectives as we grow towards Spiritual Sovereignty and Thrivalism Now!


Love, Margurite B.

Marguerite B.


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