Current charitable project

You can really make a difference in the lives of a deserving family.  Valerie Sky needs your help now!

Her 13 year old child is severely Autistic, She is recovering from brain cancer surgery a year ago and her beautiful home that she had saved up for her entire life burned down 6 years ago. She currently lives in a dilapitated RV and has no help to rebuild.​

You are awesome for caring and for sharing!

Planting Positivity Charity Mission:

Our mission is to help lift up and enable good people in crisis to thrive.  We cannot do nothing and expect things to change on their own.  We have a duty to help our fellow human tribe when they are unable to help themselves.

Planting Positivity institute (PPi) is a private institute, internationally domiciled.  We are also a private eleemosynary charitable trust.

eleemosynary  generous in assistance to the poor; “a benevolent contributor”; “eleemosynary relief”; “philanthropic contributions”.  philanthropicbeneficentbenevolentcharitable – full of love and generosity; “charitable to the poor”; “a charitable trust”