our charitable projects

If you want to learn more about our charitable projects, you’re in the right place. Read to learn how you can direct;y help Planting Positivity institute (PPi) to grow these important humanitarian missions.  

Download PDF about the latest project

Learn about the project we are currently working on and how you can best help! Right now we are fundraising and assembling volunteers to help build a home for Valerie Sky a single mother of a severely autistic 13 year old who's house burned down 6 years ago. Last year she had brain surgery to remove a grapefruit sized tumor and we wish help to get her a home built so she can finally move out of a run down RV into a clean and functional home.

help Donate Financial support

Please consider sponsoring us monthly donating to the cause through our ComeUnity Trust paypal or patrion accounts. All donations are fully transparent and accounted for. You can rest assured that we also donate our time and our own money. We are very proud that we are able to take zero percent for administrative costs like most charities. We can offer you a letter that allows you to apply for a tax write-off for your donation.

Gifts and In kind donations accepted

We also have a volunteer list of tasks to accomplish and a wish list of items we need if you would like to donate items instead of funds. Items must be able to be received in San Isidro, Costa Rica for us to be able to accept them. Projects like this cannot function without the support of people who care. We can offer you a letter that allows you to apply for a tax write-off for your donation.

You are awesome for caring and for sharing!

Our story

We are truly blessed to live on a 4.2 acres food forest and eco-camp resort in Costa Rica, one of the worlds consistently happiest countries.  This farm was once a WOOF farm and was left in our care by the late Joanna Becker who has changed our lives for the better so we can enable and help others to better their own lives.  

Joanna was not a mother but had a vision of nurturing others and wanting to make the world a better place for women and children. 

 We had always wanted to start a charity to do the same but was not sure where we could plant our roots.  

Together with Joanna’s generous gift of the site for the projects and the help of others who care we are able to succeed in our dreams and goals to help people and to be the change we wish to see in the world! 

Planting Positivity institute (PPi) is a private institute, internationally domiciled.  We are also a private eleemosynary charitable trust.

eleemosynary  generous in assistance to the poor; “a benevolent contributor”; “eleemosynary relief”; “philanthropic contributions”.  philanthropicbeneficentbenevolentcharitable – full of love and generosity; “charitable to the poor”; “a charitable trust”