Eco Elitists


I was talking today about how there is a frenzy (media created) over climate change.

It is earth people! The climate fluctuates over time in what is known as the law of rhythm. Up. down, up, down, the weather is steady in that it cycles. That is climate change, defined as: changes in climate due to natural cycles of weather.

Think about it folks, climate change is a lot different than “global warming” which is described as man made changes in climate.

Now all I am saying is that the news has been known to, eh hem, “spin” stories… OK create totally fabricated stories that are not even close to the actual events (in my opinion).

So when I see people all worked up and actually changing their lives over the fear of man made carbon causing global warming I feel pity. I call em eco elitists. They will save the world. They are better than you. And if you are American, apparently the whole world thinks you are the biggest polluters in the world. Because that’s what their media says…

Fracking eco elitists! It’s like the only way to care about humans or earth is to agree the carbon scam is real. If you think theres nothing to fear and we should just love, then you are labelled naive and part of the alleged problem.

The problem with eco elitism is they are more morally correct than anyone who disagrees with carbon hysteria.

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