Even Dark Knowledge is Power!


OK it’s not like the awakened ones didn’t know this. We did. But now maybe it will become acceptable to question the integrity of the CDC and these toxic vaccines. Personally, I have witnessed extreme harm caused by vaccines, which I am convinced have caused my best friends child’s autism. He used to say mommy and daddy and after the vaccine he deteriorated into extreme autism and handicapped.

It is truly unfair of the CDC to withhold this information and should be considered criminal. Wake up people, vaccines are a concoction of cow and baby fetus dna. Come out of Babylon. Why would you use your body or your child’s body as a testing ground for relatively new technology?

I would not advocate playing Russian roulette, and that is exactly what people are doing. Everyone admits “some” injuries happen, but they always think it will happen to someone else! There is no difference between playing Russian roulette, someone is gonna die.

But not me or my loved ones if I can help it!

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