Genesis Planet Found & Confirmed by Hubble! Declares NASA

SEriously? This is pretty funny so I wanted to share it.

NASA & The Hubble are telling us they’ve found the oldest planet of all time. But. There is no photograph, only an artistic rendering. Maybe the Hubble makes artistic renderings? Who knows. This story is kind of funny. enjoy!

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What is Thrivalism? Its emerging as a new paradigm in survivalism, by realizing or remembering our true spiritual sovereignty. This finally allows us to become truly free of the archonic system; first within our own conditioning to undo all forms of fear and feeling weak, uncertain, and disempowered, which leads us to also become free from all worldly forms that seem to threaten us. Living from our inner sovereignty naturally leads us to Thrivalism, we live and give from our own wholeness, integrity, and as a contribution to all beings and our earth. We will also be doing radio and youtube videos, and we have an incredible food growing, water collection, energy system, which we call the PermaCubeRevolution! M. B. (sovereign social network contributing blogger)

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