helpValerie Sky rebuild her home after a housefire & brain surgery!

It takes a village to raise a child... especially when the child is severely autistic. Valerie Sky has been patiently waiting over 7 long years to rebuild her house after it burned to the ground. Help Valerie and her 13 year old autistic son Kai move from an old RV into their new home!

Their Lovely Home before the fire

Valerie was a responsible working single mother who saved up her whole life working for various Silicone Valley companies. She used up her entire 401k from France Telecom Research and Development to purchase her Santa Cruz mountains, California dream home. Her world had finally become stable and debt free for herself and her autistic son Kai with a new beautiful home and gardens!

On December 20 2012 their home burned to the ground along with their furry family members.

Valerie and Kai have been unable to rebuild thus far. They are now living in an old broken down RV on the rubble and ruins of her old dream home.

The local church group assessed the fire site to build a small cabin then it didn't work out!

The church group came to Valerie's homesite two years in a row. The first year they came with the Pastor, one Architect, an Engineer and a team of volunteers who helped with cleanup work in preparation for building a new home.

The second years visit was three months after Valerie's brain surgery with two Architect's and the Engineer again as well as the Pastor. On that second visit much progress was made spending hours developing in depth plans on how to repair the driveway and do the foundation. Shortly after the second visit they sadly informed Valerie that they will not be able to build Valerie's home due to lack of funding.

Valerie was devastated to learn the church was unable to complete the building project. Help us prioritize helping Valerie to have a safe, comfortable and fully functional home for Kai, her 13 year old autistic son to grow up in!

If anyone needs a fully functional home its this single mom recovering from brain surgery caring for her severely autistic son from an old RV in the midst of burned ruins!

Valerie had brain surgery!

On September 4 2018 Valerie had a orange sized tumor removed from her brain. She is thankfully healing well, but we believe she and her son Kai deserve to recover in a fully functional home rather than her old RV that is not entirely functional. Life is far from returning to normal for this deserving family and the thing they need the most is the comfort and security of their own home before the brutal Santa Cruz mountain winter arrives.

This winter will be cozy and warm for Valerie and her son if we can all join together to care and share. If we do nothing this family will suffer. We must fix this immediately for Valerie. It is time to lift up this goodhearted wonderful mom and her autistic son.

photos of the destruction

lets get their new home built!