Why do you need a life coach?

A life coach helps clients tap into their full potential and define/achieve their goals for who they want to be and what they want to do. 

what we offer:

We are certified life coaches that specialize in wellness, happiness, behavioral therapy, DBT and NLP  as well as health and nutrition coaching.  If you have ever wanted to move towards your goal yet remained stuck then you will benefit from a life coach. 

All of our coaching packages are intended to give you a platform for success.

happiness Life coaching

Happiness is a science and you can live in a way that magnifies and enhances your peace and inner happiness!

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Wellness Life Coaching

Wellness is what every human strives for and yet most people never attain.  Learn the holistic skills you need to truly create wellness in your life.

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Ahimsa based health & nutrition life coaching

Ahimsa is a Buddhist doctrine meaning, “cause no harm to any living being”. Learn how to create optimal health through vegetarian, vega nand raw nutrition and yoga practices.

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Who we are:

Zeeka and Niko Hu are certified life coaches who have transformed their own lives and want to help others live their best lives.

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coaching sessions by phone or in person

Your coaching session can be at your convenience by phone or live in San Isidro, Costa Rica.  

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