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-Planting Positivity is a new sovereign social network start up created by a team of humanitarians in Costa Rica for the benefit of the people. The bloggers are Margurite who used her last 30 years of life experience as a human doing extensive study to remember us as souls and what we are doing here. Marguerites platform is Thrivalism, a new paradigm in survivalism, by realizing or remembering our true spiritual sovereignty. This finally allows us to become truly free of the archonic system; first within our own conditioning to undo all forms of fear and feeling weak, uncertain, and disempowered, which leads us to also become free from all worldly forms that seem to threaten us. Living from our inner sovereignty naturally leads us to Thrivalism, we live and give from our own wholeness, integrity, and as a contribution to all beings and our earth.

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Princess Diana Has Very Powerful Words Of Wisdom

This video of princess Diana is absolutely a wake up call. She was different and the so call “they” couldn’t handle the power and intelligence she was exuding! What really happened? There is definitely something more to her story even the conspirators don’t know and may never know. This lady was a beautiful soul and this video deserves a whole lot of attention. You can see it in her eyes! Her eyes are the window to her soul.

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Watch what happens when they surround popcorn with their ringing phones. Makes ya think.

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12-Year-Old Discovers All U.S. Presidents Are Direct Descendants Of King John Of England

Apparently, this young school student traced all of the lineage of all of the presidents of the US Corporation back to King John! I think there is a bigger picture here. Coincidence………I think NOT… in my opinion!

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The Catch Up Effect (The Real Reason We Fear Change) by Teal Swan

It doesn’t take a genius to see that there is so much fear around change. Most of us resist change like the plague. We would so much rather stick with what is familiar to us, even if it is causing us pain. Why is this the case? 


We cannot stand the pain of uncertainty. I did a whole video on this subject on YouTube incase you ever want to check it out. It’s called How to Deal With Uncertainty. Essentially, uncertainty is the state of being when something is either not known or not decided. When something is not known or not decided relative to a circumstance that causes us stress or pain, we feel vulnerable, anxious and helpless. But what I would like to expose to the collective consciousness today is that there is one particular type of uncertainty that creates the vast majority of our unwillingness to make changes in our life.

As humans, we are a group species. This means that our survival and ability to thrive is dependent upon being connected to other people. We have very real needs that do not go away when we grow older, which are dependent upon other people being there. In fact, most of the emotional needs are related to our connection with other people, such as the need to feel understood and to feel seen and to feel heard and feel belonging and to feel connection. This means, when we form bonds with others, those attachments are very, very strong. We depend on them so as to not starve emotionally. And in my opinion, emotional starvation is more of a threat to the physical human than physical starvation. This is why when someone is heart broken; you often see them quite literally starve themselves and loose weight dramatically. This indicates that emotional needs in fact rank higher for the physical human than physical needs. Separation from someone who you are attached to creates terror for you as a physical human.

We live in a vibrational universe. Everything is vibration. Generally speaking, over the curse of our life, if we are committed to growth and expansion our vibration will continually increase. Even if someone is not ‘conscious’ of growth specifically and simply makes a change for the better to their life, their vibration will increase. In a universe based on the law of attraction, we can only come into contact with and stay in contact with things that we are a vibrational match to in one way or another. So what happens if we change our vibration? We run the risk of no longer being a match to the people who we are currently bonded with in our current vibration. We run the risk of losing them. We run the risk of losing our connection. This triggers our attachment based self-preservation system. We would rather preserve our connection at all costs rather than become isolated, which is the number one worst fear for the physical human. It is a torture that far exceeds death. We would rather preserve our connection even if it means dropping anchor in the stream of expansion and staying stuck where we are, in excruciating pain.

The uncertainty that makes us incapable of making change is the uncertainty of whether or not the people and things we are bonded with and attached to will be lost to us as a result of making the change. Take a look at the story you are telling yourself about the change you are afraid to make and see how the deepest root of it, is in fact the fear of loss of connection and separation. For example, you may come from a background of poverty and you may not be making the changes to create wealth in your life. You may tell yourself that you are afraid of success. But is that really true? Or is it that you fear that by becoming successful, you are going to be shunned by your family, who has put down rich people all their life and made rich people ‘not one of them’. Or you may be afraid to make the change to your life to come out to your parents as gay, because you fear that they will reject you. Or you may be afraid to move to a different city because someone in your family needs you. By moving, you will feel guilty and bad and because being bad in your childhood led to punishments like time outs (disconnection), you are convinced that moving means losing your connection with them.

I call this the “catch up effect”. I call it this because any time you make a change for the better that increases your vibration and causes you to expand, the things and people in your life, must play catch up for you to stay a match to each other vibrationally. Luckily, because expansion is in the best interests of all beings, and because by loving them, you want to stay connected, the universe brings every opportunity to those things and people to make the shift with you. The universe does this in kind ways but also violent ways. In other words, by going with the current of your own expansion, it turns the fire up on the expansion of other people around you.

A while back, I was in the middle of a deep healing process and I got to a point where I could feel this process was about to change my entire vibration and my entire perspective on life and also my boundaries. I could feel that I was shifting in a way that would make me no longer a match to the relationship I was in, in it’s current form. I was so afraid of it that I went numb and couldn’t make myself continue with the process I was engaged with. I knew that by continuing, I was making a conscious decision to risk disconnection with my partner. I had to deal with that fear first before continuing. I had to become ok to potentially lose the connection so as to continue with the current of my own expansion. Fortunately, I was in a relationship with a man who was equally committed to growth and health and so when this terror came up, he essentially gave me permission to shift, even if it made our connection in our current state less secure. He later shifted with me. But I have had plenty of relationships where shifting meant losing the relationship in the physical dimension. I tell you this story to illustrate just how intense this fear is for us all.

Most people think it would be an absolute delight to be in a relationship with a spiritual teacher, like myself. But what they do not know is that the stream of expansion is flowing so fast through people who actively pursue and commit their life to awakening and expansion, that everyone in their life is drug along in that fast moving current. The flames of expansion can be turned up so high around people like myself that people who resist their on growth at all, get burnt by it. It can be agony to continually be forced to play vibrational catch up with someone you are in a relationship with so as to stay a match to them.

It is at this point that I will issue a small warning. The human ego, being comparative and competitive in nature, is tempted to use this idea of vibrational catch up as a means to strengthen its own sense of superiority. So I do not want you to begin using this catch up effect as an excuse to fuel your own sense of superiority. A person who is expanding is not “better” than anyone else. They have simply made a choice to ride the current of expansion. Rather I want you to use the catch up effect to understand what is going on in your life when you make a change and why you resist change so much.

Even the most unconscious person on this earth is a spiritual being and is therefore subconsciously aware of this effect. And so, on a subconscious level, he or she will be afraid to make changes to their life because they wish to prevent the pain of disconnection. He or she will most likely have to get to a point where the pain of staying as is, is equivalent to the pain of changing. In other words, they may have to feel as if they have nothing to lose for them to actually make a change. And the universe is perfectly willing to make this happen. Terminal illness in fact is all about this. It’s the universe putting you in a “you have noting more to lose… so change” scenario.

There is an old saying that goes, “To get what you want, you have to let go of what you don’t want”. This feels a bit like letting go of one ledge of a cliff in the hope that another ledge will catch you. So it is totally understandable why we would avoid this. This is a tormenting degree of uncertainty. If you are afraid of change, ask yourself “what or who am I afraid of losing my connection with by making this change?”

So what would I say to someone who is suffering from the fear of this catch up effect of universal expansion? I would say that you will find connection on the other side of your disconnection and that connection will feel so much better than the connection you have now. I understand you don’t have proof of that yet. And I trust that when you are ready to pull up your anchor and go with the current of your own expansion, you will do it.

I would say that the real dilemma of this life is that no one is exempt from the current of expansion. It is the reason we came into this life. So you must go with the direction of your healing, progression and desires or as you have noticed, you will suffer greatly. Do you want to live your life being held back in the prison of that pain so as to guarantee you will stay connected with someone? Is it even loving to them to do that; or by doing that are you preventing their growth, expansion, highest happiness and healing too? Perhaps the universe is calling you to make this change for the sake of them too, so you can call them into alignment with their own expansion.

Wouldn’t you rather have relationships where you are committed to consciously staying a match to one another by both committing to growth? Wouldn’t you rather have relationships where the other person looks you in the eye and says, I want your healing and your progression and your happiness and so I am committed to shifting with you when you shift rather than expecting you not to shift so as to stay connected to me? Wouldn’t you rather be this kind of friend or partner to others? Would you ever consciously want someone to give up on their own happiness, health and progress just to stay in a relationship with you? On a conscious level, no one wants this of anyone. The time has come to heal our past trauma around disconnection, separation and the isolation that followed.

Awareness is the principal ingredient for change. All other ingredients are accessory to it. And so, just by becoming aware of “the catch up effect” and seeing that it is really the root of our fear of change, we are a great deal closer to making change. When we can stare this root of our fear of change directly in the eye, we can resolve it and change will be the inevitable result.

By Teal Swan

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The wisdom of non-cooperation.

If we want to reclaim our spiritual sovereignty we must choose to not cooperate with systems that harm us! Thanks David Icke for this powerful message.

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Spiritual Sovereignty & THRIVALISM!

Thrivalism Now!Spiritual Sovereignty. The quest for freedom and sovereignty, thru the higher self.

We are at an amazing juncture in this life, our planet and everything on it, is shifting, and evolving.

People are feeling it individually, and collectively, and so is our earth.

There is a definitive wave, crashing the world’s elite corporate governing system’s, and their archonic ruling of earths people. Awakened souls and awakening bodies feel a huge need to break from this system, that has caused and created division, suffering and survival.

How can we change this, what does it mean to live sovereign and thrive?

This is the new paradigm in sovereignty, freedom from the matrix. Can we achieve this, without a true recognition, or knowing, of our true divine selves?

I think not. I hope together we can get it done this time!

Briefly, my journey began at about 17 years old, on a beach in southern California. I was reading the Handbook to Higher Consciousness by Ken Keyes with a bottle of red wine!  I have taken some hard knocks, especially due to my distaste of authority!

Today at age 56, I have been living both on and off grid in the Southern Pacific region of Costa Rica for the last 17 years. Many blessings and HUGE lessons have occurred in and thru my life here.

A spiritual sovereignty and freedom to thrive has become a mission I have been guided to share with all beings, in hopes we can make a defining, complete shift this time around. This might not happen in a quickly or even in a few year’s time, however we do have a divine power within us to see it through…and many of you know this NOW!

At THRIVALISM NOW! and PLANTING POSITIVITY we are looking at true preparedness; we will need it.

Yes some healthy fear is needed on this path. Of course, not the gut-wrenching fear of lack or inferiority, (inner) or the matrix based fear (terrorism, etc.).

I am talking, “the don’t wear flip-flops in the jungly backyard”, for sure from 6 am to 6 pm “watch out for snakes” kind of fear.

We have been mesmerized, dumbed-down, and made sick. Our food, water, clothing and shelter, even the air we breathe has been poisoned by the corporate parasites ruling us. Are they even human? This is a real question because of their disregard for the divine human; which is everyone of us, whether we have claimed our divinity or not, and whether we are aware or not that we are beings of love, compassion, and equality.  Sooner or later, it is inevitable that each one of us realizes the truth.

My purpose for these articles, radio shows and videos are to look at and touch on, what can we do to achieve a thriving, connected to divine spirit lifestyle NOW.

I hope you will join us at Plantingpositivty.com on this magic carpet ride and of course we invite all opinions and perspectives as we grow towards Spiritual Sovereignty and Thrivalism Now!


Love, Margurite B.

Marguerite B.



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Babylon’s Banksters – The Alchemy of High Finance

Babylon’s Banksters – The Alchemy of High Finance on blogtalkradio by Poke Runyon


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Rothschild Conspiracy International Banking Cartel and The Federal Reserve



Well you gotta admire the genius, if nothing else!

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I Am Nature-with Niko and Zeeka, Sovereign Experts -2016-06-08

This is your ticket to freedom on every level, once we escape Babylon, the folks that started this multi layered system of slavery 6000 years ago, we are free to grow and become human again, in our small, like minded, loving and creative self made cities. Hats off to Neko and Zeeka for revealing these truths! Learn how to become sovereign both individually and collectively! You can connect with them at www.soulreign.com

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